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Monster Jaw – Get a Tattoo
2013 – 3 tracks - 08’08
Style : Garage grunge/punk
Label : self-released

Note : 8/10

At the risk of sounding like an old cynic, I have to admit that nowadays, I tend to question the motivations behind the emergence of a new band. My years as a music journalist are over now, but during that time, I have encountered countless outfits who, although talented enough, didn’t have the chops to confront the realities of the music business: they wanted to make it NOW and were not ready to wait for fame to come knocking – or make the necessary efforts to achieve it.
I used to know a well-known music producer who founded his own small music label, then signed a few young bands – who were all excellent – on a generous 50/50 deal; he even sold some of his personal possessions to finance the whole venture.
Unfortunately, within a few years, it was over: apathy, impatience and lack of real artistic motivation from the bands killed off the fledging label, and the producer, disgusted, moved to Norway. He carries on producing and creating music because it is his passion. None of the bands are still active. I can predict that somehow, there is no risk of any of this happening with Monster Jaw – or at least, they’ll have a good go at it.
Formed in February 2013, Monster Jaw hails from the Northern cities of Leeds and Bradford. There’s frontman, guitarist and songwriter Mik Davis, bassist Neil Short – whose tattoo is featured on the EP cover – and drummer John Bradford.
Mik Davis, whose previous work with New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack and Utopian Love Revival produced brilliant tracks and attracted rather a lot of attention, also produces other artists.
This is a band with a real artistic, creative edge and a mind of its own – how could it be any different when you are managed by iconic artist, writer, poet and tattoo artist Joolz Denby, who is also the band’s official artist.

The trio have also been endorsed by clothing label FLY53 and produce DIY, bonkers videos which are miles away from the over-produced, slick mainstream monstrosities in vogue nowadays.
They describe their music as “Garage grunge” and if I tell you that their interviews are peppered with references to people like Iggy And The Stooges, Bush, The Cramps, Jesus and Mary Chains and The Doors, you will have a pretty good idea of their musical influences.
Monster Jaw know that one of the best ways to build up a following is to work on your social media and play, play, play… They have already built up a great live reputation and have been opening for the legendary New Model Army on three dates of their current UK tour.
This three-track EP is a taster of the album to come next year. It was recorded with London-based Belgian engineer/producer Wes Maebe (The Libertines, New Model Army, Roger Walters, Robert Plant among others). Title track Get a Tattoo is a seductive tribute to the art of tattooing with a heavy, sonorous guitar. Summer Girl is a more playful, bouncy and energetic proposition with a punky, spunky guitar. Perfect to have your head turned. Then there’s the fast and fierce We Don’t Care About Anything which stands at less than two minutes, enough to mock our brainless consumerism, trend-led society.
The three tracks on this EP are instantly memorable and catchy and show off the band’s musicianship and Mik’s vocal range.
Monster Jaw are ready for you; but are you ready for Monster Jaw?

Head HERE to purchase Get a Tattoo.
Read an interview with Monster Jaw HERE .
More videos HERE .

Fabienne T.

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