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La Nouvelle Vague - Saint Malo
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Andy Partridge - Aout 2003 - VO - 2003-08-21 14:40:42


Already 4 volumes are released ! Do You confirm that there will be exactly 10 of them A the end? Must they have been released sooner at the beginning ?
ANDY - I expect there will be about 8 fuzzy warbles in total (maybe 10), colin withdrawing form the project cut down the total of available tracks. I wat
ach volume to be well balanced in the choice of material, i.e not too many 'filler' tracks, but you so realise this is virtual history of xtc told in rejectsand refuse.

Is it because you have the feeling that XTC is turning into an endangered band (like an old dinosaur ;-) and without truly getting a general public fame, that you undertook this great exhumation of the titles of the band ?
ANDY - No, I undertook the warbles series because i was angry at bootleggers selling badly reproduced discs of what past demos they could find. If anyone was going to bootleg me, nobody could do it better than i could. These discs will cut off the handso f the theives.

What does Colin Moulding think about this work by now after the release of 4 discs? I think he was not interested in the beginning, was he ? And you, are you satisfied with the 4 first ?
ANDY - Colin has given no indication as to what he thinks of the warbles, however i think he may feel a little resentful of the project. Colin withdrawing had a lot to do with him supplying 15% of the material but expecting 50% of any profit. Something i was unwilling to be part of.

Does this work take all your time? no more production of other artist in sight for you ? (do you have your sight on any production?)
ANDY - Most of the work on the warbles, cleaning, restoring, remixing etc took place a while ago, so really the only on going work is in the mastering and
artowrk. I've discovered that i dislike producing other artists, its too close to be a social worker, wet nurse and psychiatrist.

Do you think that XTC would have more impact on the public if the group began in 2003? or would it be still more difficult to be signed ?
ANDY - If XTC began in 2003 it would not get a records deal and would be so out of step with current taste as to be considered... martian ( much like we
are in anycase)

Would you still named the group like that ? (who chose it at the beginning? why?)
ANDY - XTC now has, of course, dated connotations with the dance drug. os maybe this name would not habe a novelty value, as it did in 1975. then it was a new concept, a pictogram, as shorthand of exstacy, a heiroglyph from the future.

In the chosen songs of the next Demo Archives, will titles of APPLE Volume 3 et 4 be found. These albums initially announced, were not released because "not good enough" according to your own declarations? Did you work them over again so that they become good?
ANDY - I must warn you that i have run out of songs. I believe everybody has a finite source of inspiration and i'm maybe near the end of mine. I dont
love music with the same passion as i did my 20's, I see it as a perfume or wallpaper, a background ambience. After all, its only only rock'n'roll, it won't
save the world.

What are the songs, after all these years, that you prefer to write? sad, merry, love, nostalgic songs....?
ANDY - Fuzzy Warbles is the phase used in the book 'A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess to describe pop music, a demeaning term, but we British like to be self deprecating. What I have done over the last 25 years is no better or no worse than any other pop musician. Some people say I'm a genius, some say I'm a useless idiot. The truth lay in between.

After such a long and impressive discography, is it this like it that you would define your music and your voice : fuzzy warbles
ANDY - I very much hope the Ape label will bring interesting and varied music to the masses over the future years. At the moment XTC is in the fridge, as
Colin seems uninterested in writing and i'm uninterested in bailing him out. So XTC is in suspended animation. I'm very keen to bring more unwanted music to
the world for it to ignore.

Hors sujet :
What does Andy Partridge do all the days, when he's not closed in his Studio ?
ANDY - read books, drink wine, doodle, shop for food, watch TV, paint toy soldiers, sleep, masturbate, eat, paint the odd picture, sculpt, drink beer, go
bald, worry about the future.

Fabienne T.

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